The Kat Lai Podcast
The Kat Lai Podcast
Kat Lai

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Stress is inevitable for people living in bustling cities. The simplest way to relieve it is through aromatherapy. With over 20 years of experience as an aromatherapy consultant, Kat Lai a.k.a The Aroma Queen will guide you through this magical healing process! Join Kat and her modern, natural journey in uplifting your healthset, heartset and soulset. 都市人生活勞碌,為口奔馳,無形中承受許多生活壓力,最簡單舒適壓力的方法就是透過香薰治療。 從事香薰治療行業二十多年的香薰皇后——Kat Lai,將會帶你體驗大自然的神奇治療力量!讓芳香的氣味引領您邁進舒適健康之旅。享受身、心、靈融合的境界。