Asian Answers 佐治亚小帅|北美华人故事访谈
Asian Answers 佐治亚小帅|北美华人故事访谈

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欢迎来到小帅宇宙!佐治亚小帅是一档关于北美华人和美国亚裔的故事访谈播客,我们在这里探讨移民和落地生根​。订阅将获得: 1)轻松愉快的北美故事访谈 2)和爱搞钱的小伙伴同频 3)访谈之前小帅会在听友群预告,你的问题将很有机会出现在播客中 Welcome to Xiaoshuai-verse! Asian Answers with Xiaoshuai is a Chinese podcast. The host Xiaoshuai interviews Asian Americans across the United States and Canada biweekly. East or west, Xiaoshuai is the best. **社交媒体** 播客:Apple Podcast|Spotify|Google Podcast|Pocket Casts|Amazon Music|iHeartRadio|小宇宙|喜马拉雅|QQ音乐|网易云音乐 小红书/推特: xiaoshuaifm Newsletter(读书/投资/内容创作):⁠⁠ Email:[email protected] 线上唠嗑